Thursday, 15 May 2014

Thetford Forest: Zine by 2nd year student Alex Dickens

"Throughout my childhood and early teenager years I have traveled within the boundaries of Thetford Forest.  It was only in my later teenage years did I truly want to begin to explore the forest, and to be able to share the forest with everyone.

Thetford Forest is the largest lowland pine forest in the United Kingdom, currently being operated by the Forestry Commission. With an area covering 47,000 acres (190km2), it was first conceived in the early 1920's, when timber resources were depleted as a result of the war.

Through the rapid modernisation and demand for more land, this zine serves as a record for a place that is continuing to adapt and sustain a healthy environment for not only people, but also for the wildlife that strives for a liveable habitat. "

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