Sunday, 18 October 2015

Maternity Ward - Romantic Narrative of Childbirth Challenged

Changing Spaces Gallery
9 Norfolk Street

Private View – 22. October 2015
5pm to 8pm

Exhibition from 19. October to 1. November 2015
11am to 5pm

Kerstin Hacker photographed the series Maternity Ward in the Vinohradsky Hospital in Czech Republic and won the Emma/Agfa Prize for Female Photojournalists in Germany in 1993 with this series. The powerful and uncompromising images reveal a different and provocative view of childbirth.

Vinohradsky Hospital is a large teaching hospital in the centre of Prague and the maternity ward dealt with over thousand births a year. The series gives an insight into the busy department of the hospital and challenges the romantic narrative surrounding childbirth.

Kerstin Hacker studied at FAMU (University of Applied Arts in Prague) and is now Course Leader for the BA Photography and MA Photography at Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University.

The show is part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas. This year's Festival of Ideas theme 'Power and Resistance' was an ideal time to show the work, as the work discusses existing power structures in a maternity ward and how women can feel disempowered during labour.

Changing Spaces is an artist-led project in Cambridge that negotiates the use of empty commercial property for use by artists for exhibition and development purposes.