Monday, 23 February 2015

Rare Public Lecture by the Internationally acclaimed Photographer Hannah Starkey

We are pleased to announce a rare public lecture by the internationally acclaimed photographer Hannah Starkey.
One of the most important currently active female photographers engaged with female representation, Hannah Starkey’s work has won many awards and is held by in many collections throughout the world, including the Tate Gallery and the V&A. 

An important contemporary photographer with a distinct voice, her carefully staged and composed images evoke the cinematic, recalling the cool compositions of Jeff Wall or the melancholy of an Edward Hopper painting.   Though seemingly mundane, her pictures of women engaged in everyday life suggest intimate moments within a wider sense of narrative beyond the frame, collectively imbuing a sense of disquiet. 

Event Details:

Lord Ashcroft Building

Room LAB002

Anglia Ruskin University

9th March 2015
Doors open 6pm.  Lecture starts 6.30pm 

Please book free tickets through our eventbrite page: Hannah Starkey tickets

Sunday, 8 February 2015

We are proudly presenting this semester's influencial and world class guest lecturers

Paul Bevan – Course Leader MA Fashion Photography at London College of Fashion

Paul Bevan is a lecturer, artist, photographer and writer. He has over 20 years experience in education and his work has been exhibited around the world. He is currently writing a book, On Fashion Photography, and undertaking a PhD at UAL.
Having studied BA and MA Fine Art, Paul has maintained a particular interest in photography and time based media (including performance), within fashion and fine art contexts and publications. He has exhibited and presented his work internationally, collaborated on exhibitions and other creative and industrial initiatives and projects, and contributed to thinking in his field.
He is the Course Director for MA Fashion Photography and the Academic Coordinator for Enterprise and Industry within the Graduate School.

Mike Crawford  - Master Printer and Owner of Lighthouse Darkroom

Mike Crawford is a photographer and specialist photographic printer based in London. He has run Lighthouse Darkroom since 1995 and has printed for many leading photographers, working on numerous exhibitions and publications. While committed to traditional black and white printing, he has additionally embraced digital in the last decade, which in turn has expanded his creative possibilities for photographic printing.
Throughout, he has maintained his own photographic practice, working predominantly in urban and social landscape. While working commercially in both analogue and digital, the majority of his personal work is photographed on film and printed in the darkroom, though digital printing now offers the potential for different methods of presentation and exhibition.
He is the author of four technical photographic books published by Rotovision and has written over 50 articles for various photographic magazines including the British Journal of Photography and Black and White Photography.
Recent clients include the National Portrait Gallery, Photographer's Gallery, Paris Photo and Les Recontres d'Arles Festival.

Anthony Ellis – Freelance Photographer and Educator

Graduated from the BA Photography at the Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University with a First Class degree and has since then established a successful photographic career in editorial and commercial photography and runs his own photography courses in nature photography.

Nick Galvin - Image Database Consultant and Information Management Specialist

Freelance image database consultant and information management specialist with a focus on digital image archiving and image research.
Specialties: Expert in photography and image database systems, specialist in information taxonomies and thesauri, image licencing and legal frameworks for media archive management.
Nick brings a wealth of professional practice experience, having worked as the Archive Manager at Magnum Photos and having worked as a consultant with clients such as Save the Children, Autograph ABP and  Thompson Reuters, while also working with photographers on exhibition projects.

Helen James – Freelance Photo Historian and Professional Practice Consultant

Following a BA in Photography (Nottingham Trent University) and MA in Photography: History & Culture (London College of Communication) she has worked for several UK photography organisations and institutions as an education manager most notably: the National Portrait Gallery, Photoworks (Brighton), Association of Photographers and Open Eye Gallery (Liverpool).  She has combined additional activities with employment since 2001 and been freelance (research, writing and lecturing on contemporary photographic practice and the history of photographic culture) since 2006.

Maria Mann - Director International Relations for European Pressphoto Agency

Maria Mann is Director International Relations for European Pressphoto Agency, Frankfurt, concentrating on forging relationships with professionals in photojournalism, education, curating exhibits and conducting workshops.
She joined EPA in 2007. Previously, she was director of global current events at Corbis, Paris, director of photography for Agence France-Presse for the Americas and international photo editor-in-chief in Paris.
She has lectured in universities in Europe and the Americas and mentors young photojournalists.
Maria has judged photojournalism contests including World Press, Unicef, Belarus Photos of the Year, Bayeux War Correspondents, POY, World Press Masterclass portfolios and CHIPP/China. She was the founding chair of the Best of Photojournalism Contest .
She is the recipient of the National Press Photographers’ Joseph Costa Award for ‘leadership and continuing service to photojournalists and photojournalism.’

Hannah Starkey – Photographic Artist

Using actors within carefully considered settings, Hannah Starkey’s photographs reconstruct scenes from everyday life with the concentrated stylisation of film. Starkey’s images picture women engaged in regular routines such as loitering in the street, sitting in cafes, or passively shopping. Starkey captures these generic ‘in between’ moments of daily life with a sense of relational detachment. Her still images operate as discomforting ‘pauses’; where the banality of existence is freeze-framed in crisis point, creating reflective instances of inner contemplation, isolation, and conflicting emotion.
Through the staging of her scenes, Starkey’s images evoke suggestive narratives through their appropriation of cultural templates: issues of class, race, gender, and identity are implied through the physical appearance of her models or places. Adopting the devices of filmography, Starkey’s images are intensified with a pervasive voyeuristic intrusion, framing moments of intimacy for unapologetic consumption. Starkey often uses composition to heighten this sense of personal and emotional disconnection, with arrangements of lone figures separated from a group, or segregated with metaphoric physical divides such as tables or mirrors.

Thursday, 5 February 2015


Anglia Ruskin University is proud to present an exciting opportunity to attend the a lecture by Aynouk Tan, fashion journalist, performance artist, cultural anthropologist and entrepreneur.

Date: Monday 16th of February (11am-1pm)
Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge Campus, East Road, CB1 1PT (Rus 021)

In her lecture Aynouk Tan will discuss how the rise of new media influences our ways of perceiving ourselves and the other. What are the current characteristics of the rapidly changing visual culture? How do these developments change the nature who we are and consequently what it means to be a creative? By using theoretic concepts from philosophy, sociology as well as a wide range of modern day media clips, Tan will assert a plea for radical out-of-the-box-thinking.

‘Upload me’ is Tans’ second lecture at Anglia Ruskin University, following ‘The Real Me’ in which she explained why we wear the clothes we wear.

Aynouk Tan: ‘We are in de the midst of a digital revolution which has enormous impact on the way we perceive, think and behave. It is essential for the creatives of the future to have in-depth knowledge about how these developments shape us, so we can create more consciously.’