Thursday, 23 October 2014

Atik Gallery signs Alumnus Justin van Vliet

The works are a series of abstract light paintings, using installations of layered materials, objects, individuals and coloured lighting. The works are about the acceptance of the intangible. Based on our daily thoughts, problems and options in life, there are many things we feel and are powerless to fully understand and control. The moment we relinquish any need to do so, surrender and accept our thoughts and what we see, a deep enjoyment of the world sets in.
Besides the limited editions I am also making single edition hand-resined C-type prints which are up for exhibition in the Netherlands.

Justin writes about the signing process: "At the begin of the year I was commissioned to photograph a series of famous artists. Many showed an interest in the works I was creating  and encouraged me to make these a more central part of my life. A couple of months later I was contacted by the Atik gallery and signed with them. The Atik Gallery ( works in collaboration with and American publisher called Odhams press (, the company sells high quality limited edition prints in the UK and the US. The show in October will be a series of new artists taken on by the Atik gallery for the coming year and will show for a week at the Gallery on the Corner in Battersea. I will be one of the 6 artists showing work at the show."

The exhibition will run from the 27th October to 1st of November (10am - 7pm Monday to Friday, - 10am -3pm Saturday) at the Gallery On The Corner,  155 Battersea Park Rd, London, SW8 4BU

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Alumnus Josh Murfitt on working with Art Language Location

Art Language Location is a city-wide art exhibition in Cambridge, and I’m working as their documentary photographer for a second year. 

When I was a third year student at Anglia Ruskin, the organisers gave a presentation to our class, and said they sometimes need photographic records of things. I got in touch and proposed a documentary project, and it went from there. 

It’s been a great opportunity to meet established artists which has led to some of my first commissions photographing art work after graduation, not to mention that it’s been a really fun project to work with. This year I have some framed prints in a mini-exhibition at Waterstones in Cambridge, and some wrapped prints for sale in the ALL shop. I also have a gallery page on the ALL website which I’m keeping up-to-date throughout the events, at

The show runs from 15th October - 2nd November 2014

Royal Photography Society lecture by Tim Flach at the Cambridge School of Art

Every year the RPS sponsors a lecture series by an eminent photographer and this year they selected Tim Flach. 

Tim Flach is an animal photographer. He developed a distinctive style searching for a human characteristics in the animals and developed meaning beyond the photograph. His style sits comfortably in both the commercial and art world. Yesterday he will spoke about his approach and style.  

This lecture brought together the photographic community in Cambridge and we  welcomed members of the Royal Photographic Society, the Cambridge Camera Club and student, alumni and staff of our two photography courses, as well members from the public.

We had sponsorship from the Royal Photography Society and Cambridge School of Art to present this free event.   

Monday, 6 October 2014

MA Photography students exhibit in Cambridge

MA Photography Students show work in two exhibitions in Cambridge at the moment. Please feel free to come along.

Currently showing in Changing Spaces Norfolk Street project space:

From Tomorrow: Pop-Up exhibition on Regent Street, down the road opposite the Lloyds Bank at the junction of Gonville Place and Regent St - 3 x MA photographers and 1 x MA Fine Artist installation and our very own Artist in residence from ARU, Anji Main