Wednesday, 30 April 2014

International Perspectives: MA Photography Symposium

The MA Photography at the Cambridge School of Art in the UK and the MA Photography at AKV/St.Joost in The Netherlands are proud to present their first joint MA Photography Symposium.
Please find information about the participating photographers here.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Major Project by 3rd year student Adam Catling: Chernobyl

On arriving in Chernobyl I was overwhelmed by not only the bitter cold but the eerie silence, and majestic beauty. We were told in no uncertain terms to stick to the approved route as many areas particularly the woodland and cooling towers had never been decontaminated. Visiting an area of such devastation not only from the physical disaster of 1986 but by the political deceit that followed was more chilling than the -25 degrees celsius winter. The sheer presence of such massive constructions and the vast area of dereliction commands both respect and mourning for the impossible task of cleaning up such a disaster in conditions where remote control machinery was destroyed by the radiation. The 'bio-bots' that were brought in to take over known more commonly as humans, gave tremendous sacrifice to their long term health to not only cleanup such an atrocity, but to prevent it spreading. Little was it known that another explosion was narrowly avoided that would have rendered Europe uninhabitable. My images reflect my own impression at what greeted me 
when I arrived, and what will lay there silently for centuries after I departed.

Please come and see more of Adam's work and the work of all our graduating students at the Degree Show from the 13. - 22. June in the Ruskin building, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge

Thursday, 24 April 2014

MA Student Jamie Tilley: Traders on Mill Road

Mill Road in Cambridge, was named in the top ten high streets in Britain, according to The Daily Telegraph. Over the last few months Jamie has been conducting a documentary project, focusing on the nature of the high street at night-time. He took social portraits of the people who own, manage and work with-in the international and independent Mill Road shops, cafes and restaurants.
The project continues throughout the summer.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

97% of students satisfied with our specialist facilities - come and see what its all about!

We have another Open Day on the 26. April at the Cambridge Campus.
You will have a chance to see our amazing photography facilities, including the Mac suites, Colour and B&W darkrooms, studios, video editing suites and our Media Store full of equipment. 
You also will have a chance to speak to the Course Leader Kerstin Hacker, who will give a talk about the BA (Hons) Photography.

Additionally you can find out more general info about finances, accommodation and other general advice in a range of timetabled talks.
Here the link to book a place or just come along:

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Julia Johnson, alumni of the BA(Hons) Photography features on Lens Culture blog

Julia Johnson works in the medium of photography and multimedia in order to address issues surrounding education and social welfare within disadvantaged communities in the UK. Her work promotes social change whilst creating a lively discourse amongst audiences. Julia has exhibited her work at a range of venues in London, Brighton, Liverpool and Cambridge. She now lectures in Cambridge, England and delivers photography and multimedia courses at HND level. Julia’s research into education and Gypsy and Traveller welfare led her to design and deliver an exciting collaborative photographic project for Gypsy youths within the Cambridgeshire area. 

Lens Culture blog

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Undergraduate Researcher Scheme Success

The photography department was able to secure funding for two undergraduate researchers, who will work on staff research projects in the next few month. The funding comes from Anglia Ruskin University and allows students to get a taste of what it means to 'do research' and will be mentored by staff throughout the process.
Two of the four Cambridge School of Art UG researcher posts went to students in the photography department. A great success for us.
Well done to Alex Dickens, who is working with Sergio Fava on the Cambridge Sustainability Residency Quid Pro Quo: Negotiating Futures and to Vicky Young, who will be working with Kerstin Hacker on an ongoing project of publishing Kerstin's photographs in an exhibition.

Private view:

Quid Pro Quo: Negotiating Futures
an exhibition at Changing Spaces, 9 Norfolk Street, Cambridge.
Thursday 10th April, 6-8pm

Monday, 7 April 2014

Alumni of the Month: Mate Dobray - Discontinuum

I always try to show the world differently, to allow you to interpret things in a new way.

Our existence is rarely defined as an instant, but rather as a transition from past to future. Do past and future even exist? Or is time just a mental construct? My project explores the relationship between space and time, with the aim to understand something about the spacetime-bound nature of our human form.

The project was shot with a self-built camera based on a scanner. This device sees things very differently to how you or a traditional camera would: only movement is recorded, while static objects blur into streaks. The camera therefore truly captures movement and nothing else, allowing you to see the world through time instead of space.

Each row of pixels is a photograph of the same slit of space, but captured at a different time. As the model moves across that slit, an image is revealed, recording the changes of that space over the course of time.

There is no image manipulation involved other than tone corrections, these pictures are records of reality, albeit one that we cannot normally perceive.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Collaborative work of photography and fashion students at the Cambridge School of Art

Richard Tooley, 2nd year Photography student in collaboration with Adrian Burac 3rd year Fashion Design student ( and modelling his own designs in these images)

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Ship of the Fens - MA Photography Su Morris shortlisted for Anglia Ruskin sustainability art prize

Su writes: 'If climate change is not addressed soon, by the start of the 22nd Century East Anglia will be underwater again. This would be from sea levels rising and dramatic changes to our weather patterns. Sustainability is an issue that is beyond urgent.

Are we really going to wait until the ‘ship of the Fens’ is at sea before we take climate change seriously?'