Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Major Project by Amy Notley: Burmese Refugees in Thailand

Exhibition Layout:

Refugees continue to flee the Thai/Burmese border every year. Camps have developed on the border of these countries, home to families of Burmese refugees fleeing their country and residing illegally in Thailand’s forrest areas. I worked alongside an NGO (Jungle Aid) who supports four of the smaller camps along this border with medical care, clothes, food, and getting children the support of education, if possible. This camp holds approximately 60 refugees, all living here for a better life. 

"There are an estimated 120,000 Myanmar refugees remaining in the nine camps in Thailand, including more than 40,000 not registered by the Thai authorities". - By Vivian Tan in Bangkok and Max McClellan in Mae Sariang, Thailand, UNHCR, 29 January 2014. 

Please come and see the work of all our graduating students at the Degree Show from the 13. - 22. June in the Ruskin building, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge

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