Monday, 19 May 2014

Masks Behind Masks: Alumna Emily Jasper on photography as a hobby and self publishing

When asked about my work, I try and explain that I enjoy it as a hobby rather than a career, this mind-set is really important to me as it means I can relax and enjoy the process. It should be an enjoyable experience, it should be like cooking - you cook what you enjoy to eat. I take photos of things I enjoy and that shows in my work. Whether its people or places, I have an emotional bond to the subject and a need to capture that moment. Capture a memory, an insight into what matters to me.

I really like the freedom I have when self publishing. The process is fun, and it requires me to really look at my work in the eyes of the viewer. To be able to edit and curate my own work is really important because it gives a different perspective. This is something I found to enjoy whilst studying and have just fallen back into it while making my paper.
I would advise fellow photographers looking to self publish to not be too precious with their own work, play around with scale and theme. People like a good story... but as the saying goes show 'quality not quantity'. Most of all have fun with it, be creative and you will get much more out of it than you ever expected.

Emily's newspaper can be viewed and bought through the link below: 

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  1. I love your ideas and mentality to photography and your first picture is just fantastic.