Thursday, 29 September 2016

BA Photography students Amber Schormans and Olivia Rowbotham photograph Annabelle Williams' collection

Amber Schormans and Olivia Rowbotham recently photographed the collection of Fashion Designer Annabelle Williams, who graduated from the MA Fashion Design in 2016.


Amber says: "Photography and fashion are universal visual languages which influence us all, often even on a subconscious level. They are ever-changing movements which never fail surprise us. Being a part of these creative genres and producing contemporary and intriguing work is something that greatly interests me. Annabelle Wiliams' garments containing light and emitting different colours definitely stood out as a new concept. They are designed to embody a part of the spectrum of human emotion, this also coincides with my own goals as a portrait photographer to represent human nature."

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