Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Video by May Simpson: Chemo

Brenda was diagnosed with breast cancer on 29th July, 2013. May followed her through her personal and unpleasant journey; 21 weeks of formidable chemotherapy followed by 5 weeks of daily intense radiotherapy. Although Brenda’s story was personal to her, there is also a universal aspect. Cancer is a terror so many people are faced with across the globe. By following Brenda through this terrible time, it was a way to understand the pain, confusion and darkness that so many people are exposed to at a dark time of their lives and characterise this in an intimate way. Cancer is not often something that can’t be explained and neither can the emotions surrounding it. This is May's interpretation.

This video was produced as an outcome for the Time Based Media selective module in Semester 1 2013/14

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