Wednesday, 2 July 2014

2nd Year student Elliot Ford: Colour of Nothing

Extract from the 2nd year Photographic Sequences project

Locations- London, Cambridge, Manchester, making my work from what I see by combining all shoots together to create a photographic sequence with some being double exposures. I aimed to hit the spirit of age and time of now by capturing raw urban industrial places against natural places & modernisation of formative elements: Style, attitude with an eye for minimalistic detail whilst echoing natural proceedings.
Some photographs change the way we look at the world and I want to show this by photographing a whole different perspective in analogue form. Rediscovering the development of the way we look at life in different areas and walks of life. Communication brings people together, mundane things which are not that exciting in themselves but they say something about the way we live our lives. And the surroundings we live in. Trying to make things which are small, big and the little things much more in the moment.

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