Tuesday, 4 March 2014

PUBLIC LECTURE: Aynouk Tan fashion journalist, performance artist, cultural anthropologist and entrepreneur presents: 'the real me', how the fashion industry has shaped our daily reality

World-renowned Dutch fashion journalist Aynouk Tan will present her guest lecture “how the fashion industry has shaped our daily reality” at Anglia Ruskin University on March 5thbetween 6-7pm, Bryant Building, Lecture Theatre 002. Aynouk will show how fashion permeates every aspect of our lives and reveal the power behind fashion.

Travelling from the Netherlands, but world-renowned, Anglia Ruskin University in collaboration with Creative Front and the VIVID project is proud to present this exciting opportunity to hear from Aynouk.
Why attend
Aynouk will focus on how the fashion industry has shaped our daily reality, and even our sense of 'the real me' or what we think that is. She will explain fashion theory by showing extracts from our daily life, clips, advertisements and fragments from tv shows. This event is designed to make you aware of the power of fashion and the way the system works, so it can be adapted and used as an active force through which we can shape our own individuality and maybe even reality.

This event is open to students, graduates, creative businesses and anyone interested in fashion, personal branding and hearing from this international designer.
More about Aynouk
Aynouk has written for numerous newspapers and magazines about the impact of fashion on today's concept of individuality, always asking readers, consumers and designers alike how what you are wearing is communicating about ones individuality and personal brand. As something of a spokesperson for an exciting new generation of fashion designers in the Netherlands she has advised the country's main cultural funding organisations and taught at several art schools and master programs. She regularly consults companies and fashion brands on their communication and branding strategies.

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