Sunday, 4 December 2016

24 Hours Project: 52/48 - Brexit means Brexit

Our first year student had 24 hours to respond to to the following theme: 
Explore through a set of photographs the hopes and fears you have for the UK. 52% of voters wanted to leave the EU, 48% wanted to stay during the Brexit Referendum. The country seems divided and unable to communicate.
This is an abstract theme, but don’t panic. Politics like photography is happening all around us; and this project will give you the opportunity to combine both.
Think about how European Union has impacted on Cambridge, your university experience and your personal life.  Think what maters to you…
In a time where the country is looking for ways forward all voices should be heard and maybe, just maybe the sum of all our pictures makes us all understand the problems and opportunities a bit better.

Emily Bevans

Paul Westhead

Shanna Matthews

Bashir Shaikh
Jonathan Barnett
Shane Gowardun
Laura Ferrier

Phoebe Smith
Lewis Mayo
Estel Hristova

Rhiannon Edmonds

Karen Bennett

Alix Martelet
Samuel Robbins
Leah Sethna Leah

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