Tuesday, 10 March 2015

MA student Jamie Tilley shows new series 'Last Office Memo' in Enlightened Perspectives exhibition

'The Last Office Memo' by MA Photography student Jamie Tilley is a series of constructed photographs, commenting, overarchingly on the struggle between the rise of a western, consumerist, capitalist system and the need to protect and sustain the natural world.
The photographs present the man-made world as formal, architectural,  backgrounds; often offices of commerce and industry, where order is king. 
Upon this, the natural element, presented through intentionally placed, chaotic plantlife is central to the photographs. 
This may be seen as a beacon of hope, or a mournful nod to a last remaining piece of the natural world.
As well as choosing and positioning the physical objects on location, the scenes are often digitally manipulated to duplicate elements, remove elements, or replace elements to further create an abstract, ordered and man-made setting for the plant life, or lack of it.

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