Monday, 7 April 2014

Alumni of the Month: Mate Dobray - Discontinuum

I always try to show the world differently, to allow you to interpret things in a new way.

Our existence is rarely defined as an instant, but rather as a transition from past to future. Do past and future even exist? Or is time just a mental construct? My project explores the relationship between space and time, with the aim to understand something about the spacetime-bound nature of our human form.

The project was shot with a self-built camera based on a scanner. This device sees things very differently to how you or a traditional camera would: only movement is recorded, while static objects blur into streaks. The camera therefore truly captures movement and nothing else, allowing you to see the world through time instead of space.

Each row of pixels is a photograph of the same slit of space, but captured at a different time. As the model moves across that slit, an image is revealed, recording the changes of that space over the course of time.

There is no image manipulation involved other than tone corrections, these pictures are records of reality, albeit one that we cannot normally perceive.

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